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dream lashes

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the finishing touch. make your dream lashes a reality with these high-quality, 3d, faux mink styles that look better than real. each style features a clear, weightless band that provides a barely-there feel so you can wink and flutter in full comfort.

our brand founder’s vision:
“my dream lashes are some of my favorite lashes I’ve ever worn. We’ve worked very hard to achieve a nearly invisible band. They’re comfortable, light, and faux mink.”

- ari


3D effect
faux mink fibers
weightless band
consciously made

Tips & Tricks

dream lashes tips & tricks

trim your lashes to fit your eye size. Start at the outer corner and trim in small sections—you can always remove more, but can’t add back.


apply a thin layer of lash glue to the lash band and wait 15-30 seconds until glue becomes tacky. This ensures your lashes adhere to your lash line without sliding around.


look down into a mirror when applying your lashes. this will help you get the strip super close to your lash line.


when finished wearing your set, gently remove lashes & wipe any remaining glue off the lash band with a cotton swab and makeup remover. proper removal and care will ensure lashes can be re-worn multiple times.


1 pair / made in indonesia

in the palette


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